In today’s real estate market, a high-quality kitchen is at the top of everyone’s wish list. Discerning Homebuyers and savvy Tenants are looking for upscale amenities and features that add convenience to the kitchen. Aside from upgrading builder grade kitchen appliances when they go bad, we also recommend adding a higher quality disposal.

A unit such as the InSinkErator Evolution Compact disposal has higher quality stainless steel blades and really delivers the best price to performance with long lasting durability. While you might assume that the higher the horsepower, the louder the unit, the opposite is generally true. High quality disposal systems are specifically built to grind more efficiently, more effectively, and thus a lower noise level. The food is not going to spend as much time grinding which ultimately allows it to produce much less sound in the process.

Your home is your biggest investment and installing a high quality, quiet garbage disposal is a quick, and relatively inexpensive, way to add to its value. Not only will this increase your homes marketability, but it will also save you money, decreasing the time your home remains on the market.