Tenant Portal

We Love Our Tenants

We have a great relationship with our Tenants and treat them with respect and courtesy. We work together throughout their tenancy and maintain a trusting partnership in dealing with any issues that arise.

Security Deposits

Tenant Security Deposits are one of the most important and disputed transactions between Tenants and Landlords. Here’s how we try to avoid any problems;
We offer a pre-move out inspection to help point out any items that need to be repaired in order to receive their full security deposit.
We work with Tenants throughout the move out process to ensure they have a good idea of what we are looking for when a property is vacated.


We have an efficient online Tenant maintenance request system and we are able to get most items fixed the same day as reported. We know Tenants want to take care of the property and we help them with a Tenant Handbook outlining ways to care for items in and around the property. We always welcome any Tenant insight on properties where they reside so we can maintain a proactive approach concerning maintenance issues.


Current Tenants don’t have to leave for showings.
Once Tenants have submitted their 30-day notice, we start advertising the property. We then coordinate with Tenants when would be a good time to show the property and encourage them to be at the home if they wish. They can also answer a few questions about the neighborhood, utility costs, and schools. This all helps prospective Tenants make a better-informed decision on if they will lease this property. Since we maintain a positive relationship with our Tenants, we don’t mind if they throw in a few benefits about leasing from Rooftop Property Management as well!