Updated JAN 2021

All applicants 18+ need to fill out application and will be charged $55.00 each.
Application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Rooftop Property Management is committed to equal housing opportunity and fully complies with the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968. Further, Rooftop Property Management does not wish to take your application fees if you do not qualify. Before you apply for one of our properties, please read all of the following information concerning application approval process and make sure you meet the qualifications for rental. Applicant fees are paid to other agencies to obtain credit reports, background information, along with state and federal records.

Application Fees Are Non-Refundable

*** NOTE – Rooftop only accepts rent payments online with bank account or
credit card or in person cash at any PayNearMe location.

ALL APPLICANTS: Are encouraged to know what is on their credit before applying and can receive 1 free credit report online per year from a variety of online companies to view their credit before applying. All requested documents
need to be attached to online application before application can begin processing.

  • Every person 18+ of age that will be living at property must complete a separate application online with a separate email address and submit $55.00 app fee per applicant
  • Email a copy of legible government or state issued ID

EMPLOYMENT/INCOME: Income must be (3) times the rental amount for all
applicants if not married. Married can combine incomes to meet criteria.

  • If you work for a large company where income is verified through a 3rd party portal, you will need to email a PDF copy of 1 month of pay stubs
  • Military please provide last 1 month’s LES statements and copy of orders stating your commander contact information
  • Self employed need to furnish last 2 years of 1040 IRS returns and a current income statement or bank statements showing reoccurring deposit activity.

CREDIT SCORE: If your credit score is below 600 you will be required to submit a higher deposit.

  • Multiple credit scores combine—If one married applicant has a 650 and the other 550, the credit scores will combine and average to 600.
  • If Owner approves, an additional security deposit is required to offset the
    added risk of lower credit scores. $200 is added to security deposit per 25
    points below 600 or per credit item.
  • We place less weight on medical or student loan collections or similar debt in overall credit picture. We focus the most weight on consumer debt and collections such as credit cards, department store cards, utilities and landlord collections. If you have some of these on your credit, you may be denied or asked to submit a higher security deposit.
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“We believe in looking at all aspects of an application; not just a credit score.”

– Rooftop Property Management

Application Tips

  • Fill out application completely
  • Monthly income must be 3 times the rental amount
  • Attach all paperwork
    and Gov’t ID’s to online
  • Know items on your credit report

Application Qualifications


All tenants are required to carry renter’s insurance for minimum liability coverage of $300,000. We need a renewal copy of rental insurance every year going forward.


Depending on response from employers and/or current and previous Landlords, it can take anywhere from 1-3 business days to gather all information to be approved. You can expect to be notified of status of your application daily via email. Once application approved, the security deposit must be received and a lease agreement signed within 48 hours to hold property for an agreed lease date. Once deposit for property and signed lease is completed, property will be removed from the market and held for (7) days. At the end of this period prorated rent is due and tenant will take occupancy. If tenant fails to pay rent to gain occupancy, security deposit is forfeited and the property is placed back on the market for rent. First full month’s rent is due on or before occupancy date. If lease/occupancy date is after the 20th of the month, 1 FULL month’s rent is due and 2nd month will be pro-rated amount.


Income is calculated separately. All applicants must be able to meet minimum income of (3) times the monthly rent. If approved, a security deposit equal to 75% of the advertised security deposit will be required from each roommate.

Application Fee is not Refundable

You are responsible to know your credit, criminal, and background history and match it with our qualifications. We do not refund application fees once applications are received.


All animals must be approved by

with a maximum of 2 per property. If an animal is allowed at property, there will
be a refundable animal deposit of $300—each animal and $15 per pet rent. This fee allows you to have an approved animal on the premises. Tenant is responsible
for all damages caused by their animals. Upon move out, tenant will be required to
treat carpet and lawn for fleas and provide a professional company receipt in order
to receive deposit back.

The following dog breeds are not allowed due to insurance company guidelines:

Doberman Pinscher
Giant Schnauzer
Pit Bull
Saint Bernard

Alaskin Malamute
Eskimo Spitz
Great Dane
Presa Canario
Wolf Hybrid

American Stafforshire Terrier
German Shepherd
Any mixed breed within list

Tenants are in breach of lease if type of dog is misrepresented or being in possession of any otherwise illegal animal. Animal policies are strictly enforced and we have associates drive by properties at random times that do visual checks.

  • Photos of all animals that will be on lease/property is required by
  • No “temporary” animal sitting while someone is out of town
  • No aquariums larger than 10 gallons
  • No ferrets, reptiles or rodents of any kind are permitted on property

Service animals receive special consideration and all documentation needs to be submitted to: along with application.

  • Once you sign up for Assurant renter’s insurance, it can’t be cancelled.
  • Depending on applicant’s employer and Landlord, Application Process can take anywhere from 1-3 business days.
  • Roommates income need to qualify separately and each make (3) times the monthly rent.
  • Submit photos of all animals along with application.

“Please make sure you read our qualifications and if you meet the criteria ahead of time.”

– Rooftop Property Management

Application Qualifications


  • False or incomplete information application
  • Outstanding debts to previous landlord in last 4 years
  • Housing rental collections on credit
  • High number of consumer debt collections on credit or bounced checks
  • Any serious felony records matched in 10 years
  • Exact name matches on the OFAC watch list
  • Name with DOB that matches in the registered sex offender database
  • Has broken lease or eviction in the past 4 years
  • Major adverse action records in last 4 years
  • Other names associated with the applicants Social Security number
  • Fails Social Security number fraud analysis
  • Poor rental payment history provided by previous landlord
  • History or record(s) of violence against persons or property
  • History of poor or unsanitary care of current or previous residences
  • History of destructive behavior or drug related activity in household
  • Lack of demonstrated ability to live independently


We always strive to maintain a respectful, positive, and encouraging relationships with our Tenants. Tenants are responsible for communicating with their Property Manager and working with them to schedule walk through inspections of property at reasonable times. We do not charge tenants for any kind of routine inspections or lease paperwork.

There is a $25 charge to tenants for a lease violation and $50 for any reoccurring violations which we point out during lease signing.

At end of lease, we work with our valued tenants to show their property to prospective tenants and give reasonable notice before showings.


We strive to give every applicant and Tenant a positive experience with Rooftop Property Management and have systems in place that provide top notch communication and service. We welcome our tenants voicing their comments and concerns about their property, so we can more effectively maintain the property at a high level. Working together to solve any issues with property is not only beneficial for the owner, but also for the tenant’s happiness at the property.

  • We strive to provide you with a clean, quality property
  • Our goal is to work together throughout your tenancy
  • There are no fees to tenants for routine inspections or paperwork
  • We work together at the end of lease to show property to potential tenants
  • We encourage tenants to point out possible issues with property so we can address and keep property in top shape

“We strive to give every applicant and Tenant a positive experience.”

– Rooftop Property Management

Application Qualifications